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A deep dive into 21st century dating and love with millennials and counselors.

Forever Love

Forever Love: A Mini-Documentary about the Marriage Catechumenate Summit in 2023

MAX Studios attended the Marriage Catechumenate Summit in Houston, Texas in June 2023. This is a mini-documentary about the summit.

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Ricardo Medina

Forever Love: Ricardo Medina

Ricardo Medina in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, talks about the value of family life as the place where faith becomes real.

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Fr. Paul Hartmann

Forever Love: Fr. Paul Hartmann

Fr. Paul Hartmann, with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops shares his unique vantage point in attending the marriage summit and how Catholic Christians should embrace the both/and of ministry work.

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The Wrights

Forever Love: Deacon Jim and Christy Wright

Deacon Jim and Christy share their hopes for the Marriage Catechumenate Summit and why they chose the winning team in the Shark Tank-style pitch competition.

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Dr. Daniel and Bethany Meola

Forever Love: Dr. Daniel and Bethany Meola

Dr. Daniel and Bethany Meola, co-founders of Life-Giving Wounds, share about their ministry that helps young adults and adults with divorced and separated parents give voice to their pain and find transformative healing in Christ.

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Dr. Ellen Roderick

Forever Love: Dr. Ellen Roderick

Dr. Ellen Roderick, in the Archdiocese of Montreal in Canada, shares how teaching the foundations of Christianity in marriage preparation is beneficial to couples wanting to understand more deeply about their Catholic faith.

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Michael and Deanna Johnston

Forever Love: Michael and Deanna Johnston

Michael and Deanna Johnston are from Tyler, Texas. Deanna, Director of Family Life for the Diocese of Tyler, shares her hopes for the future of marriage prep.

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Fr. Victor Perez

Forever Love: Fr. Victor Perez

Fr. Victor Perez shares about the unique cultures at his Houston parish, how they integrate marriage preparation and what he’s seen in working with young adults.

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Jake Samour

Forever Love: Jake Samour

Jake Samour, in the Diocese of Wichita, Kansas, talks with Darnell about his experience being mentored by others, “Juan Diego Syndrome” and leading people in marriage ministry.

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Sr. John Mary Sullivan

Forever Love: Sr. John Mary Sullivan

Sr. John Mary Sullivan shares about the importance of accompaniment after couples are married and how the church can better assist couples in navigating that vocational call.

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