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How to Celebrate Easter When It Still Feels like Lent

''Protagonists of Change''

It is Holy Week, which is exciting, but this year it feels different. For most of us, attending Mass to celebrate the Resurrection with our friend and family is not a possibility. So how do we cultivate the joy that Easter promises.

Discernment in Life

''Protagonists of Change''

Discernment is not just trying to figure out if you should be a priest or a nun, it is about identifying how God is calling you to be a Saint.

In part one, we hear from Nicole Labadie and her discernment story.

In part two, Darnell Miller talks with Fr. Eduardo Rivera, CSB, about his discernment story.

In part three, the team shares about the lives of different saints.

A Hunger for More

''Protagonists of Change''

Today we explore the theme of hunger in its various forms. From those who are literally hungry, to those who hunger for love, justice and truth and finally to those who hunger for Christ.

In part one, Darnell Miller recounts a humanizing moment while feeding the homeless in college.

In part two, Max Linnville explores the complex topic of reading Scripture with a hermeneutic of hunger. With the help of his former professor, Dr. Sheile McGinn, he unpacks what that means and how anybody can learn to read Scripture through that lens.

In part three, Nicole Labadie reflects on the life of St. Andre Bessette, the Miracle Man of Montreal, whose humility and hunger for Christ led to the healing of thousands.

Sin of Racism, Seeking Truth

''Protagonists of Change''

As we look out into our country we are reckoning with the sin of racism and a lack of justice. Now, this isn’t an easy subject to talk about and we don’t expect this podcast is going to change people on the spot, but we do hope that it will lead to thought, dialogue, and consideration that will lead everybody closer to the truth.

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