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A Search for Truth

In this episode of BOLD, Isabel Garcia sits down with Hanna Shanar, an author, musician, medical student and UST alumnus, to talk about his book "A Search for Truth." They discuss the compatibility of faith and science and how UST set him up for success.

"A Search for Truth" by Hanna Shanar

What is the Truth? A Remarkable UST Alumnus Asked Hard Questions & Wrote a Best-Selling Book | UST Newsroom

Story on Medium

Pro-Life Series: 4US

This is our third and final episode of our pro-life series. You can check out previous episodes linked below. In the first episode talked about Catholic Mobilizing Network and in the second episode, we highlighted Obria Medical Clinics.

In this final episode, we talked with the founders of 4US – which stands for For Ultra Sound. Kim and Diego Wendt are trying to equip pregnancy centers with the tools, technology and talent to save more lives. Their vision is make abortions rare by choice and their mission is to Illuminate hope for pregnant women in crisis through the power of ultrasound. Learn more about them and this initiative.

Helpful Links:
Pro-Life Series: Restorative Justice

Pro-Life Series: Obria Medical Clinics

World's Largest Squirt Gun Fight Raises Money for Ultrasounds at Crisis Pregnancy Center - Catholic Mom

Life Lessons From Trappists Monks

Today we are talking about the religious, brothers and sisters who have devoted their life to the service of God, and how our relationships with them - understanding their unique, intimate relationship with Christ - can help us lay people better invite Christ into our own lives.

First, Darnell shares a story about Sr. Maura, a Franciscan Sister of the Eucharist, who's super power lies in a wink. He tells us how she fundamentally changed his relationship with God.

Then August Turak, author of "Business Secrets of the Trappists Monks," tells us about his own experience as a frequent monastic guest at Mepkin Abbey. He explains how the lessons he learned through their simple lifestyle have helped him become a successful entrepreneur and leader.

Learn more about August Turak

Learn more about Mepkin Abbey

A Legacy of Public Service

Service is a muscle that needs to be exercised often. Judson W. Robinson III, President and CEO of the Houston Area Urban League knows this well. He comes from a family of public servants and understands the importance and impact service can have on the community.

In this episode of For Such a Time as This, Larry and Judson discuss the role of the Urban League in Houston. They talk about Judson's family legacy of service and they also talk about the importance of finding new strategies to help draw awareness within their communities.

Houston Area Urban League

Episode 10: Challenging Friendships

Question three in this edition of Agape & Eros live. The first one was warning signs, the second on boundaries with parents, and now it's on the question 3.

In this episode, the experts discuss challenging friendships and how you support someone who you know is making bad choices - that may affect you.

Thanks to our experts: Larry Freeney with Rejoice Counseling Apostolate, Avanti Bande with the UST Office of Counseling and Wellness Services, and David Hao with UST Student Affairs.


Rejoice Counseling Apostolate

Rejoice Counseling: Meet Larry

“The Four Loves” by C.S. Lewis

The Joy-Filled World of Dude Perfect

If you have spent anytime on the internet in the last few years you have almost definitely seen a video by Dude Perfect! The group has spent years mastering the impossible, draining world-record breaking trick shots and entertaining the world in the process.

In this episode Bridget and Darnell talk about Dude Perfect, their contagious joy, and how seeking joy while serving God can lead to some unexpected results!

Dude Perfect

How I Built This: Dude Perfect

Darnell Miller ’10, MLA ‘15

Darnell Miller ’10, MLA ‘15

Darnell Miller is the Creative Director of MAX Studios. He is a writer, photographer and videographer who loves storytelling in all forms. He is a UST alumnus who is passionate about education and study abroad.
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