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Conversations having to do with the vaccine can feel tense and like a non-starter. With a lack of trust and tons of misinformation, how can people be sure about the vaccine? We decided to look to the experts - in science and faith. First, we talked with Dr. Carl Vartian, Infectious Disease Specialist at HCA Houston Healthcare and we included a PSA from Pope Francis and other Catholic leaders from around the world encouraging people to get vaccinated. We also share what University of St. Thomas-Houston is doing to encourage vaccinations on campus.

As many return to the office, tensions flare between the ‘vaxxed and unvaxxed’

Expect more business mandates, lots of them: Harvard's Neeley on Biden vaccine mandate

What's behind COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Texas | KVUE

Students sue Creighton University over COVID vaccine mandate

Vaccine mandates are coming. Catholics have no moral reason to oppose them.

Urban Dictionary: I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up.

Luke Chapter 6

Pope Francis said he doesn’t understand why people refuse to take Covid-19 vaccines

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Bridget RichardsonA producer with MAX Studios, Bridget Richardson loves to engage in conversations with just about anyone. A sports fan and homebody, Bridget enjoys spending time with her family, watching baking shows, and traveling to understand different cultures and eat delicious food.

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