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Hope in the Music Industry w/ Mario Costabile | Napa Institute Conference Series

Mario Costabile knows his way around the music industry. Costabile, Executive Director of Array of Hope, uses his knowledge of the Christian music scene, from his experience in Nashville and Los Angeles, to apply that to the Catholic space to create dynamic Christian concerts geared toward a Catholic audience. Array of Hope does so much more than just music too, focusing on high quality media to create a meaningful experience for viewers.

Costabile sits down with Dr. Richard Ludwick, president of the University of St. Thomas - Houston, at the 12th Annual Napa Institute Conference in Napa Valley California. They discuss Costabile's background, the contemporary Christian music scene and its influence, where Costabile's team finds the talent for this work and how a university can foster this kind of musical talent.


Array of Hope

Mario Costabile, Executive Director | Array of Hope

The Napa Institute

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