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Episode 2 – The Cultivation of Purpose with Leah Darrow: Faith, Farming and Vocation

We’re in the phase of renewal with Leah, Ricky and the family in episode two of Cultivation of Purpose. We get a little deeper into why they are doing the particular tasks they have picked as farmers and how their kids fit into the mix. Darnell shares his perspective of Big Family Farm and why what they are doing matters. We see family life overlap with the grind of chores each day.

This is a raw look at what it’s like when someone genuinely follows their dream - as difficult or confusing as it may seem. The hard parts of being on mission with God show themselves in unexpected ways for Leah and Ricky. You’ll see moments of beauty with their children and success on the farm, but then also immense sadness with the miscarriage of their baby. Leah helps us ponder and sift through the intricacies of renewal while living your dream in episode 2.

Episode 1 – The Cultivation of Purpose with Leah Darrow: Faith, Farming and Vocation

Episode One of the three-part series, produced by University of St. Thomas Houston’s MAX Studios, featuring Leah Darrow, her husband Ricky Soldinie and their family becoming new farmers on Big Family Farm in Fordland, Missouri.

In episode one, you get to know Leah, Ricky, their kids and the 80-acre property they now call home. They left the suburbs of St. Louis for a simpler, albeit more challenging, life as farmers. You’ll see a day in the life of this family - feeding chickens and pigs, getting food on the table, and prepping for their main source of income in agri-tourism - four Saturdays in October called Pumpkin Days.

MAX Studios’ Bridget Richardson and Darnell Miller join them on the farm and ponder their own questions about this new exploration for this family on Big Family Farm.

Throughout the episode, Leah and Ricky continue to call you to take stock of your own life and be aware of what may be missing for you. Ask yourself the challenging question, “Are you happy?”

Art and the Common Good

Art is powerful. It challenges us to see things from new perspectives and can transform our hearts and minds. We talk to a Houston native GONZO247, a graffiti artist and muralist whose own life was transformed by art, about the importance of art, community and the intersection of the two. He talks about start, influences and the breadth of his impressive career.

Helpful Links:

Letter of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to Artists

The Full Conversation with GONZO247 

Darnell Miller ’10, MLA ‘15

Darnell Miller ’10, MLA ‘15

Darnell Miller is a writer, photographer and videographer who loves storytelling in all forms. He is a UST alumnus who is passionate about education and study abroad.

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