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Laughter is part of the human experience, baked into our DNA, explored for thousands of years, from the ancient Greek playwrights to our standup comics of today.

On this episode of a new series by MAX Studios, Can Anyone Tell Me, Abi Bielstein asks "Is laughter what makes us human?". Host and MAX Studios Creative Director Darnell Miller is our guide into this complex question.

Dr. Shivas Amin, associate professor of Biology at University of St. Thomas (UST), talks about whether laughter sets us apart from other animals or what he thinks sets humans apart from a biological perspective.

Then Fr. Dempsey Rosales Acosta, professor of Theology at UST, talks about what our laughter and humor reveals about our nature and how God created us in His image.

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Learn more about Dr. Shivas Amin, and Fr. Dempsey Rosales-Acosta.

About the Author — Bridget Richardson

Bridget RichardsonExecutive Producer with MAX Studios, Bridget Richardson loves to engage in conversations with just about anyone. A sports fan and homebody, Bridget enjoys spending time with her family, watching baking shows, and traveling to understand different cultures and eat delicious food.
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