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Technology + Innovation

Discussing the latest in technology and innovation through a Catholic lens.

Fr. Dempsey Rosales-Acosta

A Special Joy and No Sleep w/ Fr. Dempsey Rosales-Acosta

Fr. Dempsey Rosales-Acosta, UST Director of the Center Semillero, shares about his experience at World Youth Day 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Kyle Pietrantonio

Excellence Over Mediocrity w/ Kyle Pietrantonio

Kyle Pietrantonio, Executive Director of Duc In Altum Schools Collaborative, shares how Catholic schools are called to excellence and not mediocrity.

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Fr. Kevin Storey

A Basilian Education and a Joyful Spirit w/ Fr. Kevin Storey

Fr. Kevin Storey, Superior General with the Congregation of St. Basil, talks with Dr. Ludwick about UST and his vocation story.

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Fr. Eduardo Rivera

Coming Home to UST w/ Fr. Eduardo Rivera

Dr. Ludwick talks with Fr. Eduardo Rivera, CSB, UST alumnus and the new Campus Chaplain.

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Dr. Tom Harmon

Why Theology is a Big Deal w/ Dr. Tom Harmon

Dr. Ludwick talks with Dr. Tom Harmon, UST Professor of Theology, about the areas where theology, humanity and innovation connect.

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Dr. Brandon Green

From Front Desk to Servant Leader w/ Dr. Brandon Green

Dr. Ludwick sits down with Dr. Brandon Green, UST IT Manager, who shares about the groundbreaking project that creates opportunities for young adults in foster care through the CISCO Networking Academy and his goals for digitalization.

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Deacon Robert Hesse, Ph.D.

How Faith and Science Complement One Another w/ Deacon Robert Hesse, Ph.D.

Dr. Ludwick talks with Deacon Robert “Bob” Hesse, Ph.D., speaker, scientist, UST professor, Chairman and President of The Contemplative Network, and author of “Faith and Science: A Journey into God’s Mystical Love.”

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Fr. Ken and Dr. Ludwick

The Innovative Spirit of the Fathers of Mercy w/ Fr. Ken Geraci

Fr. Ken Geraci, CPM, is a Father of Mercy based in Kentucky. He talks with Dr. Ludwick about the Fathers of Mercy and how they have adapted and innovated over the years to stay relevant and on mission.

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Bishop Andrew Cozzens

Understanding the Eucharist w/ Bishop Andrew Cozzens | Napa Institute Conference Series

In this part two, Bishop Cozzens sits down with Dr. Ludwick to give an in-depth and beautiful description of the Eucharist and why it is essential for Catholics to understand its deep biblical mystery.

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Bishop Andrew Cozzens

Bishops Ready to Lead Revival w/ Bishop Andrew Cozzens | Napa Institute Conference Series

Bishop Andrew Cozzens is the bishop of the Diocese of Crookston, MN and Chairman of the National Eucharistic Revival. He and Dr. Ludwick discuss the need for a more profound understanding of the Eucharist.

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