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Technology + Innovation

Discussing the latest in technology and innovation through a Catholic lens.

JM Boyd

Technology as a Tool for the Church w/ JM Boyd | Napa Institute Conference Series

JM Boyd, CBO of Glass Canvas, developed Tilma Platform, a tool that could help parishes and dioceses connect, track and enhance the spiritual journeys of the faithful. Boyd sits down with Dr. Ludwick to discuss it.

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Mario Costabile

Hope in the Music Industry w/ Mario Costabile | Napa Institute Conference Series

Mario Costabile, Executive Director of Array of Hope, creates dynamic Christian concerts geared toward a Catholic audience. Costabile sits down with Dr. Ludwick to discuss the contemporary Christian music scene and how its influence.

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Kyle Pietrantonio

A Bold Vision for Catholic Education w/ Kyle Pietrantonio | Napa Institute Conference Series

Kyle Pietrantonio, Executive Director of Duc In Altum School Collective, crafted a bold vision for 21st century K-12 educators and the role of evangelization. He sits down with Dr. Ludwick to discuss.

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Deacon Charlie Echeverry

Celebrating a Diversity of Gifts w/ Deacon Charlie Echeverry | Napa Institute Conference Series

Deacon Charlie Echeverry, a deacon of the Diocese of Los Angeles, sits down with Dr. Ludwick, to discuss the diaconate and the richness of gifts of the spirit and cultures in the Catholic Church.

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Jason Simon

Creating of Culture of Evangelization w/ Jason Simon | Napa Institute Conference Series

Jason Simon, president of The Evangelical Catholic, sits down for a conversation with Dr. Ludwick to discuss the importance evangelization and the shift happening in our churches today – from internal church activities to go out in the world.

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Tim Glemkowski

Eucharistic Revival is on the Horizon w/ Tim Glemkowski | Napa Institute Conference Series

Tim Glemkowski, Executive Director of the National Eucharistic Congress, sits down with Dr. Ludwick to discuss his enthusiasm to help plan the incredible National Eucharistic Revival slated for 2024 in Indianapolis, Ind.

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Elisabeth Sullivan

Cultivating Full Human Flourishing w/ Elisabeth Sullivan | Napa Institute Conference Series

Elisabeth Sullivan, Executive Director at the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education, talks to Dr. Ludwick about how her organization seeks to recover the Church’s rich heritage in the image of God through Catholic liberal education.

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Rev. Dempsey Rosales Acosta

The Bible in a Year in Spanish w/ Rev. Dempsey Rosales Acosta | Napa Institute Conference Series

The Rev. Dempsey Rosales Acosta sits down with Dr. Ludwick to discuss completing “The Bible in a Year” podcast in Spanish with Ascension Press and how he is growing Spanish languages theology programs at UST.

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Camille Pauley

Inspiring People into the Pro-Life Movement w/ Camille Pauley | Napa Institute Conference Series

Camille Pauley, co-founder and president of Healing the Culture, a nonprofit that evangelizes and converts people to be deeply, authentically, and permanently pro-life, talks with Dr. Ludwick about inspiring people to be pro-life.

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Monsignor James Shea

Catholic Ed for the Whole Life w/ Monsignor James Shea | Napa Institute Conference Series

Monsignor James Shea, president of the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota, has a conversation with Dr. Ludwick about the mission of a Catholic university, keeping that education affordable and how to invigorate young minds.

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