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Exploring the intersection where faith meets culture.

Haley Stewart

Engaging the Imagination through Children’s Literature w/ Haley Stewart

Haley Stewart, Editor of Word on Fire Spark, seeks to shepherd into publication stories for children intended to engage their sense, inspire wonder and push them toward sanctification.

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Sr. Rose Marie Tulacz

Getting your Foot in the Door w/ Sr. Rose Marie Tulacz | Understanding Our Apostolic Age

Sister Rose Marie Tulacz, SND, uses her camera to get her foot in the door with new people and places. In this conversation, she and Darnell talk about how the camera can be a tool for evangelization, encounter and experience.

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Monsignor James Shea

North Dakota’s Secret Power w/ Monsignor Shea | Understanding Our Apostolic Age

Monsignor James Shea, President of University of Mary, sits down with Dr. Chris Evans, VPAA for UST,, to explore Catholic education and how, despite current trends in higher education, both universities have grown.

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Dave Plisky

Preparing Missionary Disciples w/ Dave Plisky of DeSales Media | Understanding Our Apostolic Age

Dave Plisky and DeSales Media asked people to evaluate their preparedness in missionary discipleship and identify ways they would like to develop their missionary skills. He discusses the findings of that report and ways to move forward.

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Deacon Michael Halbrook_Nick Meyer

Masculinity & Evangelization w/ Dcn. Michael Halbrook & Nick Meyer | Understanding Our Apostolic Age

Every year, in the 90 days leading up to Easter, Deacon Michael Halbrook and Nick Meyer, with Exodus, invite Catholic men across the world to deepen their spiritual life by participating in a challenge, Exodus 90.

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Sam Mazzarelli

The Beam in Our Eye w/ Sam Mazzarelli | Understanding our Apostolic Age

Sam Mazzarelli, with Catholic Leadership Institute, works with parishes to identify their blind spots and help them better serve their community while preparing them to serve others. He shares the value of this data in evangelization.

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Fr. Sean Loomis

The Art of Serving the Deaf Community w/ Fr. Sean Loomis | Understanding Our Apostolic Age

Fr. Sean Loomis shares how he came to learn American Sign Language in seminary and serve the Deaf community. He explains the value of understanding and participating in their language and culture.

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Kelly Breaux

Accompanying Parents Through Loss w/ Kelly Breaux | Understanding our Apostolic Age

Kelly Breaux, founder of Red Bird Ministries, trains others, priests and lay alike, to accompany families through the struggles that come with miscarriage and loss of a child. She shares how her own loss shapes her work.

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Jason Simon

What Does it Mean to Live in an Apostolic Age w/ Jason Simon | Understanding Our Apostolic Age

We attended The Evangelical Catholic’s Conference: Priests for An Apostolic Age in Dallas and asked experts what it means to live in an apostolic age and how we “Go Out” and reach people for Christ.

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Jonathan Blevins_Darnell Miller_Joseph Bionat

Video Games as a Vehicle for Community

Host Darnell Miller sits down with Jonathan Blevins and Joseph Bionat to talk about video games and how they affect the culture, and the Christian calling for authenticity in digital spaces.

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