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While in seminary, Fr. Sean Loomis, Chaplain Annunciation B.V.M Rectory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was approached and asked if he would be willing to learn American Sign Language and serve the Deaf community. He accepted and his since gone on to learn, understand and participate in their language and culture.

In this episode, Darnell and Fr. Loomis discuss the challenges that come with serving a new community and explore how the lessons Fr. Loomis learned in serving the Deaf community can be applied in any mission.

Learn more about Fr. Sean Loomis and his ministry

About the Author — Bridget Richardson

Bridget RichardsonExecutive Producer with MAX Studios, Bridget Richardson loves to engage in conversations with just about anyone. A sports fan and homebody, Bridget enjoys spending time with her family, watching baking shows, and traveling to understand different cultures and eat delicious food.
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