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Activating the Laity for God’s Mission w/ Fr. Eric Cadin | Napa Institute Conference Series

Fr. Eric Cadin, who spent a year living in a tent in Oahu to surf before joining seminary, is now activating the laity to inspire college students and vocations in the Archdiocese of Boston.

Fr. Eric is the Director of the Office of Vocations and Director of the Office of University Missions for the Archdiocese of Boston. He sat down with MAX Studios Creative Director Darnell Miller for a conversation at the 12th Annual Napa Institute Conference in Napa Valley, California. With a fervor for life and ministry, Fr. Eric shares how he engages lay leaders as examples for young professionals, his vocation story and why it is so special to connect Christians for the mission of Jesus Christ.

Helpful Links:

Fr. Eric Cadin | Vocations Boston (bottom of page)

Fr. Eric Cadin | Witness to Love

The Napa Institute

Normalizing Values through Film w/ Chéri Ballinger | Napa Institute Conference Series

Chéri Ballinger is a speaker, organizational ambassador and film producer whose own life experience, suffering a traumatic brain injury, inspires the amazing empathy and gratitude that influences her work. Fresh off producing the film “Roe v. Wade,” starring Jon Voight, Ballinger sits down with Bridget Richardson to share her story. They talk about her return to filmmaking, the role of film in the American culture and how it can be used to normalize values.

Chéri Ballinger
The Napa Institute
Roe v. Wade Trailer

What we should all know about the Growing Catholic Majority

As the demographic makeup of the country shifts, so too will that of the Catholic Church. Darnell speaks to Deacon Charlie Echeverry, a deacon of the Diocese of Los Angeles and founder of Black//Brown, a strategic advisory purpose-built program to help business leaders turn diversity into revenue. It teaches how the church can understand and respond to these shifts to maintain and grow the Church.

They discuss the challenges and opportunities within the Latino Community in the Church and talk about how we can invite and challenge young Latinos to take on leadership roles within the Church. We were able to connect with Deacon Charlie at the SENT Ventures Conference.


Helpful Links:

Deacon Charlie Echeverry on Instagram


You Can Have It All!

If you have ever struggled with balancing work life and family life, or you have struggled with the guilt of not being able to do it all, this conversation is for you! Darnell Miller, Producer with MAX Studios, sits down with Lisa Canning, The Possibility Mom, to talk about her story navigating pursuing a career while balancing family life. They talk about the struggles and guilt, developing support systems, rewriting internal scripts and designing a life that works for you and your family.

Lisa Canning is an author, speaker, mindset coach, and mother of nine who helps moms be great moms while pursuing their dreams at the same time. She was also a designer on HGTV's "The Property Brothers." We were able to connect with her at the SENT Ventures Conference.

Learn more about Lisa on her website.

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