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What Does it Mean to Live in an Apostolic Age w/ Jason Simon | Understanding Our Apostolic Age

We are in the midst of an Apostolic Age.

But what does that mean?

We headed to Dallas to attend The Evangelical Catholic's Conference: Priests for An Apostolic Age to find out. There we had the opportunity to talk to experts - lay and religious - about what it means to live in an apostolic age and how they are using their ministries to "Go Out" and reach people for Christ.

In this first episode we talk to Jason Simon, the President of The Evangelical Catholic, and organizer of this conference, about what it means to be in an apostolic age and why it is important to empower priests to develop new styles and tactics for outreach. We also discuss the fundamental shift of our understanding of parish life that needs to happen if we are going to prepare the laity to go out and evangelize.

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Creating of Culture of Evangelization w/ Jason Simon | Napa Institute Conference Series

What does it mean to be an Evangelical Catholic? For Jason Simon, president of The Evangelical Catholic, it means putting in the work to make disciples of all nations! Since their founding in 1998, The Evangelical Catholic has reached thousands of people across the nation to activate and create cultures of evangelization and discipleships.

Simon sits down for a conversation with Dr. Richard Ludwick, president of the University of St. Thomas - Houston, at the 12th Annual Napa Institute Conference in Napa Valley California. They discuss the importance evangelization and the shift happening in our churches today, instead of drawing people to an ever increasing number of church activities, to form parishioners to go out into the world to draw more people towards Christ.

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