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Engaging the Imagination through Children’s Literature w/ Haley Stewart

What is the purpose of story and art? More specifically, what is the purpose of children's literature? These are the questions that Darnell Miller, Creative Director of MAX Studios, seeks to answer as he sits down with Haley Stewart, Editor of Word on Fire Spark.

At Word on Fire Spark, Stewart seeks to shepherd into publication stories for children intended to engage their sense, inspire wonder and push them toward sanctification.

In this conversation, they talk about the importance of story and art in the Church and its evangelization efforts, they dig into the idea of vocation, and finally, they discuss the interplay of limitation and freedom.

To learn more about Haley, follow her on Instagram.

Learn more about Word on Fire Spark.

See the latest book featured in the conversation: Saintly Creatures

Video Games as a Vehicle for Community

Videos games affect all of us - whether we play or we interact with someone who plays regularly. They are a big part of our culture from playing Fortnite on a PC to Candy Crush on your phone. Taking time to think about how video games can be a vehicle for community and then, in a bigger way, a way to minister to others, can literally change the world.

MAX Studios Creative Director Darnell Miller sits down with Jonathan Blevins, @BeardedBlevins , a popular Catholic Twitch streamer and CEO of Little Flower Media, and Joseph Bionat, formerly Marketing Coordinator with Word on Fire Institute and now Director of Marketing with St. Ann Parish in Dallas, Texas, to talk about video games and how they affect the culture.

They discuss how gaming affects young people, the real stats about who is actually playing video games, the difference between people being non-playable characters and a real life person, anonymity versus authenticity online, and how Christians are called to be who God called them to be while interacting in digital spaces. They also shout out Catholic creative organizations like Flocknote, Hallow and Word on Fire's "God and Gaming" YouTube series.

The Bearded Blevins Stream Team

Building Online Community - God and Gaming Episode Five featuring Jonathan Blevins | Word on Fire Institute


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