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Exploring the intersection where faith meets culture.

Cynthia Colbert and Jennifer Masotja

Climate Change: From Oregon to Texas

Host Bridget Richardson focuses in on Oregon’s most recent heat wave and the freeze that hit Texas in February 2021 through the eyes of Catholic Charities and how we are all called to respond.

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Unpacking AAPI Hate

Unpacking AAPI Hate

Host Eric Diaz sits down with two UST professors to discuss the increased reporting and coverage of hate crimes on Asian Americans in the U.S. from psychological and governmental perspectives.

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Not Born to Hate_Cultivating Hope

Not Born to Hate – Part 2

In this special episode, we have a continuation of our Not Born to Hate series. Brianna Amaya and her former professor, Fr. Dempsey Rosales Acosta, share their experiences of faith, education, discrimination and hope.

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Bearded Blevins

Gaming and the Gospel

Host Bridget Richardson talks with Jonathan “Bearded Blevins,” about streaming, the Gospel message, the importance of positive online and in-person communities and the new UST eSports degree.

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Dr. Joe Ueng

The Stock Market and Education

New host, Eric Diaz, interviews Dr. Joe Ueng to discuss the saga of GameStop shares and Wall Street in January, the Stock Market and the importance of personal finance as a social justice issue.

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David and Kathi Peters

The Real St. Patrick

Host Bridget Richardson talks with documentary filmmakers David and Kathi Peters about their film, “St. Patrick: Pilgrimage to Peace” and how St. Patrick can be a model for peacemaking and love.

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Dr. Daniel Burns_The Rundown

Politics and the Catholic Voice

Dr. Daniel Burns talks with Bridget Richardson about the role of bishops, laity, parishes and Catholic universities. They touch on partisanship, abortion issues and our higher calling as Christians.

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Failing at New Year's Resolutions

Failing at New Year’s Resolutions

After failing to begin New Year’s Resolutions, Darnell decided to get some help from St. Augustine – and so begins a trip deep down the rabbit hole of our experience of time.

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The Rundown_Katie Villarreal

Social Media and Authentic Connection

Katie Villarreal joins host Bridget Richardson to discuss social media as a tool for evangelization, authentic digital discipleship and how one’s social presence can help, and hurt, the Christian mission.

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Fr. Eduardo Rivera, CSB

Waiting in Joyful Hope

Host Bridget Richardson talks with Fr. Eduardo Rivera, CSB, about Advent 2020. Is it possible to wait in joyful hope in 2020? They discuss this and finding peace in Christ. 

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