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UST Students Talk Racism

Darnell Miller, in for host Alex Yemeck, talks to Cebriaya Bell and Aerial Starks, the acting president and vice president of the Black Student Union, about George Floyd, the protests and how to address racism on a college campus.

Protest is Prayer

The cry for justice heard through protests and demonstrations across the country are not new, they are echoes of the psalms. Darnell Miller identifies the parallels and shares resources so as a Church we work towards affirming the dignity of all people.

Understanding United States/Chinese Relations

Dr. Hans Stockton and Bridget Richardson discuss the closing of the Chinese Consulate in Houston. Dr. Stockton describes how to understand the situation and what it means for citizens. They also reflect on aspects of faith and culture.



Dr. Hans Stockton (史 漢 傑)
Dean, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences & Global Studies Director, Taiwan & East Asia Studies Program Fayez Sarofim – Cullen Trust for Higher Education Endowed Chair in International Studies

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Houston’s Chinese community shocked, fearful after ‘extremely rare’ US move to close consulate – KPRC2 

Beyond politics, effects of Chinese consulate’s closing ‘will be a setback’ for Houston – Houston Chronicle 

China Orders U.S. to Shut Chengdu Consulate, Retaliating for Houston – The New York Times 

Building Healthy Habits and Spiritual Practices in Quarantine

#Socialdistancing is going to be a time of habit building, but what habits will you build? They could be positive habits, like establishing a regular prayer life and exercise regimen. Or they could be negative habits like stress-eating and mindless internet surfing.

Hosts Nicole Labadie, Max Linnville, and Darnell Miller share how they are attempting to build good habits in their respective homes during the coronavirus quarantine and share some of their success and challenges in doing so.

How to Celebrate Easter When It Still Feels like Lent

It is Holy Week, which is exciting, but this year it feels different. For most of us, attending Mass to celebrate the Resurrection with our friend and family is not a possibility. So how do we cultivate the joy that Easter promises.

Discernment in Life

Discernment is not just trying to figure out if you should be a priest or a nun, it is about identifying how God is calling you to be a Saint.

In part one, we hear from Nicole Labadie and her discernment story.

In part two, Darnell Miller talks with Fr. Eduardo Rivera, CSB, about his discernment story.

In part three, the team shares about the lives of different saints.

A Hunger for More

Today we explore the theme of hunger in its various forms. From those who are literally hungry, to those who hunger for love, justice and truth and finally to those who hunger for Christ.

In part one, Darnell Miller recounts a humanizing moment while feeding the homeless in college.

In part two, Max Linnville explores the complex topic of reading Scripture with a hermeneutic of hunger. With the help of his former professor, Dr. Sheile McGinn, he unpacks what that means and how anybody can learn to read Scripture through that lens.

In part three, Nicole Labadie reflects on the life of St. Andre Bessette, the Miracle Man of Montreal, whose humility and hunger for Christ led to the healing of thousands.

The Role of a University

In the inaugural episode, Larry Payne converses with Dr. Richard Ludwick about the role a University plays in building a just society and how UST is working to meet the needs of the community while addressing the inequities that exist in society.

Seeing the Silver Lining

The past month has been strange, but in the midst of all the stress and anxiety brought about by coronavirus there has been a silver lining — the turn to social media to support and continue building community.

Find Your Saint Posse

What originally started as a project to look at Saints whose lives we could use as examples of how to seek God through this COVID-19 pandemic quickly turned into an exercise to identify Saints that could become part of your posse - that is Saints you can grow with.

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Fr. Tom Rafferty, Pastor of St. Anthony of Padua

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