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The Rundown introduces a new host, Eric Diaz, in his inaugural episode. Eric interviews Dr. Joe Ueng, Professor of Finance and Chair in the Department of Economics and Finance at the University of St. Thomas-Houston Cameron School of Business. Eric and Dr. Ueng discuss what happened with GameStop shares and Wall Street in January and if something like that can happen again. Dr. Ueng talks about understanding the Stock Market and the health of the economy, and he describes the importance of personal finance as a social justice issue.


Joe Chieh-Chung Ueng, Ph.D., CFA

‘Dumb Money’ Is on GameStop, and It’s Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game: NY Times 

UST Cameron School of Business 

Host Bridget Richardson has a conversation with documentary filmmakers David and Kathi Peters with Global Story Films. In anticipation of St. Patrick's Day, they discuss their film, "St. Patrick: Pilgrimage to Peace" and how St. Patrick can be a model for peacemaking and love.


Global Story Films - Feature-length Documentaries

St. Patrick: Pilgrimage to Peace - Amazon Prime 

University of St. Thomas Center for Irish Studies

Dr. Daniel Burns, Interim Associate Dean of the Constatin College of Liberal Arts and Associate Professor with the Politics Department at University of Dallas, talks with Host Bridget Richardson about politics and the Catholic voice. Dr. Burns discusses how neither of our two parties fits neatly into a Catholic worldview, the difference between the role of the bishops and the laity in partisanship, the abortion issue and active citizenship, the difference between Catholic parishes and Catholic universities and understanding our higher calling as Christians.


Katie Villarreal, Coordinator of Youth Ministry at St. Faustina Catholic Church in Fulshear, joins host Bridget Richardson to discuss social media and how we can use it as a tool for evangelization. They discuss true discipleship and how one’s social media presence can help, or hurt, the Catholic Christian mission in a digital space. Katie shares about our ultimate allegiance in Christ and being aware of what’s going on in the culture while recognizing we are made in the image of God.


Helpful Links:

“Social media and the universal call to communion” Texas Catholic Herald

St. Faustina Catholic Church

“Sollicitudo Rei Socialis” (1987) St. John Paul II

Fr. Eduardo Rivera, CSB, parochial vicar at St. Anne Catholic Community in Houston, joins Bridget Richardson to discuss Advent 2020. Is it possible to wait in joyful hope during 2020? They reflect on the Advent season and how we can be fully present and joyful while waiting for the coming of Christmas. Fr. Eduardo talks about waiting for the peace of Christ, celebrating Mary during this Advent season and finding meaning beyond the superficial.
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Sharon Zachary, MA, CEO of the Alliance of Community Assistance Ministries (ACAM), and Thao Costis, President and CEO of SEARCH Homeless Services, join Bridget Richardson to discuss the recent CNN story about evictions in Houston. They discuss the difference between homelessness prevention and homeless services, the range of need, and new intervention methods for individuals and families facing eviction.

Helpful Links:
Nesti Center for Faith & Culture
SEARCH Homeless Services
Alliance of Community Assistance Ministries (ACAM)
CNN: Heartbreaking eviction brings mover to tears
ABC: Evicted dad from viral video near tears, but for a different reason

Emma Tacke, Associate Director of Community Engagement with Catholic Mobilizing Network (CMN) in Washington D.C., joins Bridget Richardson to discuss how federal executions have resumed in the U.S. They discuss CMN’s mission, the importance of understanding what the Church teaches about the death penalty and an upcoming conference on restorative justice in October.


Helpful Links:
Emma Tacke,
Nesti Center for Faith & Culture
Catholic Mobilizing Network
USCCB on Death Penalty & Capital Punishment

Dr. Daniel Perez Liston was recently featured on Telemundo to speak on the economic impact of the shortage of coins in the United States. He and Bridget Richardson discuss the connections of finance, religion and ethics through the use of credit cards, religious mutual funds, pay-day loans and impact investing.


Daniel Perez Liston, Ph. D. Associate Professor of Finance Cameron School of Business 

Helpful Links:
“Fact check: Yes, there's a national coin shortage. Here's why” USA Today

Telemundo Houston

Dr. Christopher Wolfe, assistant professor of political science at University of St. Thomas, joins Bridget Richardson to discuss how where you get your news matters and the Catholic worldview. Also, Dr. Wolfe describes the importance of prudence in politics and civic duty.


Helpful Links:

Dr. Christopher Wolfe 

“The Medium is the Massage” by Marshall McLuhan

Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship

Dr. Hans Stockton and Bridget Richardson discuss the closing of the Chinese Consulate in Houston. Dr. Stockton describes how to understand the situation and what it means for citizens. They also reflect on aspects of faith and culture.



Dr. Hans Stockton (史 漢 傑)
Dean, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences & Global Studies Director, Taiwan & East Asia Studies Program Fayez Sarofim – Cullen Trust for Higher Education Endowed Chair in International Studies

Helpful Links:

Houston’s Chinese community shocked, fearful after ‘extremely rare’ US move to close consulate – KPRC2 

Beyond politics, effects of Chinese consulate’s closing ‘will be a setback’ for Houston – Houston Chronicle 

China Orders U.S. to Shut Chengdu Consulate, Retaliating for Houston – The New York Times 

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