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Fake Names, Filipino Ceviche and Owning Your Culture

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In this episode of BOLD, we talk to Christel Vallagomesa, a UST psychology major who was originally born in the Philippines. Host Isabel Garcia asks about her experience moving from the Philippines to the U.S., embracing her culture in an American setting and saying her name correctly. They also talk about her experience at UST and how she continues to learn and grow as a person.


  1. 1. The importance of one's culture.
  2. Taking advantage of different opportunities.
  3. How our culture impacts who we are.


  1. What are some ways that you can learn more about your own culture?
  2. Think of three opportunities that have been presented to you that you can take advantage of?
  3. Brainstorm some practical ways you can learn about another culture.

Not Born to Hate – Part 2

A continuation of our Not Born to Hate series, Brianna Amaya, a middle school religion teacher and graduate student, sits down to talk with a her former professor and dear friend, Fr. Dempsey Rosales Acosta, a Theology professor at the University of St. Thomas.

Together they share their experiences of faith, education and discrimination and articulate why it is hope - trust in God's divine will - that will allow us to grow and become the people God is calling us to be. Not Born to Hate is video series that seeks to examine race, racism and culture in America, provide an understanding of how we arrived at our present situation as a society and offer a sense of hope for our collective future.

Watch part 1 of Not Born to Hate here: Ep. 1 Not Born to Hate - Student Panel

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