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Lacrosse and Life Lessons

This summer Sean Sheikh, Assistant Director of Media Relations for Athletics at the University of St. Thomas - Houston, got the chance of a lifetime, to represent the Philippines in the World Lacrosse Championships!

In this episode of BOLD, Isabel Garcia, Host, sits down to talk to Sean about the winding journey that led him to the championships, how this brought him closer to God and how the entire experience was one of healing and joy.

They also talk about the history of lacrosse and the fundamentals of playing.

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Houston Lacrosse Club

2023 Men's World Lacrosse Championship

Passing Torches and Breaking Records w/ Coach Anthony Medina | BOLD

BOLD Season Recap Spectacular

This season of BOLD was so much fun! We had eight incredible guests that lived their life with passion. In this last episode of the season, Isabel breaks down this season and goes behind the scenes. She also introduces the amazing people that work on BOLD. Make sure to watch this never before seen, behind the scenes video.

The Bonds of Brotherhood: Building Intentional Friendships

Endurance House, one of the households on UST campus, is five college guys living together with the purpose to push each other to intellectual and moral excellence, seeking wisdom, courage and compassion.

In this episode of BOLD, we sat down with Riley Gould and Nick Cascaranos from the Endurance House. As they talked about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who will help you grow spiritually, academically, and physically, they also showed us their house, MTV Cribs style, while we meet the other roommates. They talk about what "success" really is and the deep value of friendship.

UST Student Housing

UST Philosophy

UST Finance Degree Program

UST General Business

Passing Torches and Breaking Records

After setting multiple school records, when Anthony Medina graduated from the University of St. Thomas-Houston, he set out to achieve his dream of becoming a basketball coach. Now he is back at UST as the head coach leading the team to multiple victories.

In this episode of BOLD, we interviewed Coach Medina, the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) Region Coach of the Year! He talks about his own basketball experience here at UST and walks us through his journey from student to coach. Also, watch the whole video to find out who he selected to be on his UST Dream Team.

Learn more about Anthony Medina and the men's basketball team.

Coach Anthony Medina

Mentioned Calen Anderson in Episode:
The Royal Treatment w/ Calen Anderson & Kailee Mann | BOLD

Anthony Medina Guest Stars on BOLD


  1. Coach Medina is hilarious yet humble.
  2. The experience is what is important, not winning or losing.
  3. There is a lot more to basketball than Xs and Os.


  1. Reflect on a time that you had expectations but they were not met because of outside circumstances. How can you use that experience for other situations in the future?
  2. How do you use all of the different experiences that you have had in order to give you a unique perspective?
  3. When there is "background noise" how do you make sure that it doesn't interfere with the work?

Heartbreak, Health and Healing

Today Ailyn is active in her faith life, but that has not always been the case. A cradle-Catholic, Ailyn didn't really own her faith until, after a tough breakup, she found no comfort until she encountered Christ!

In this episode of BOLD, Isabel sits down with Ailyn to ask her about this time in her life, how her faith has flourished on campus and how staying healthy can help our mental and spiritual health.

UST Campus Ministry


UST Theology

UST Women's Soccer


  1. Having a good faith life takes time and effort.
  2. Being active can help our mental and spiritual health.
  3. Leaning into friends is important when going through a dry spell in our faith.
  4. God works in our life in mysterious ways.


  1. What are some ways that you can "knock on doors" that will help improve your faith?
  2. When you are in a dry spell in your faith, what do you do?
  3. Have you ever had a hard situation that in the long run has made your faith stronger?

Education, Passion and Social Service

Justo Garcia’s energy is unmatched. With everything he does, he brings so much passion. This includes teaching kickboxing at the Jerabeck Activity and Athletic Center (The JAAC) at UST and his job as the Admissions Counselor for the Kolbe School of Innovation and Professional Studies.

In this episode of BOLD, Justo talks to Isabel about his experience as a non-traditional student at UST, working in social services and his experience returning to UST. Originally from Nicaragua, he also shares about how going to college is a family experience and why he has dedicated his life to serving others.

The Kolbe School of Innovation and Professional Studies is a two-year associate’s program that is doing game-changing work for the community. Learn more here.


  1. Justo emphasizes the importance of education and encourages others to pursue education to improve their personal and professional lives.
  2. Find your passion and integrate it into your work.
  3. The Kolbe School of Innovation is providing life-changing programs to non-traditional students.


  1. Social service is a fulfilling way to give back. Find ways to serve your communities and make a positive impact.
  2. What are some ways that you can be better connected to your family?
  3. Consider how education, passion, and social service can all work together and how can they be integrated into your life?

How to Move to a New Country

As an International Student, Tchissola Silva discusses her journey from Angola to the University of St. Thomas to receive her Master's in Diplomacy and Strategic Affairs. In this episode of BOLD, she talks about adapting to the United States while still maintaining her own culture. Tchissola also talks about how welcoming the UST community has been.

Learn more about International Studies at UST


  1. Getting out of your comfort zone is crucial to make new friends.
  2. Maintaining your culture is important.
  3. Never take for granted the opportunities that you have.


  1. What are some ways that you can learn about new cultures
  2. How can you challenge yourself in your daily life?
  3. Think about what opportunities you have that not everyone else has.

Navigating Nursing, Soccer and School

As Isabella Rivera walks us through her busy schedule, she explains how she balances being a part of the soccer team, a member of the Filipino Student Association (FSA), studying nursing, and working at a hospital. In this episode of BOLD, we discover the methods that facilitated Isabella’s success while still maintaining her mental health. She also provides advice to students about time management and organization.

Isa and Isabel visit the JAAC’s soccer field to talk about her victories and struggles with soccer.

Learn more about Nursing at UST


  1. Time management and planning are key.
  2. Prioritize mental health.
  3. Having people to rely on is necessary when you are as busy as Isa is.


  1. How do you balance your responsibilities?
  2. What are some ways that you can manage your time better?
  3. If you are a student, how can you connect with alumni?

Success, Stocks, and Struggle

In this episode of BOLD, Ibrahim Akhtar talks about how investing is not limited to financial decisions but extends to personal relationships, education, and community, which is why he founded the UST Investment Club. As he faced obstacles in graduating, Ibrahim expanded his skill set to maximize his college experience, which fueled his passion for investments.

Ibrahim provides insight into the Bloomberg Terminal in Welder Hall, which he used to build his financial understanding.

Cameron School of Business


  1. Investing, even at an early age, is important.
  2. Obstacles lead us to an even better path.
  3. Bloomberg Terminal is a software that dives into different markets.


  1. When you face adversity how do you respond?
  2. What are some ways that you can invest in yourself?
  3. Think about a time that you faced an obstacle and what was the result.

The Royal Treatment

In November of 2022, Calen Anderson and Kailee Mann were selected as Mr. & Ms. UST, students who exemplify the values of the University of St. Thomas, serve their community and standout as examples of character. In this episode of BOLD, Isabel gets the inside scoop, how did Calen and Kailee win the titles, their reactions on winning and what their UST experience has been like.

They also explore the locations important them. We visit the Nursing Simulation Lab with Kailee and dive into life as a nursing student. We also visit the Jerabeck Athletic and Activity Center - the JAAC - to talk winning four men's basketball conference championships with Calen.

Learn more about Men's Basketball

To learn more about Nursing at UST

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