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Injuries, Instagram and Intercollegiate Volleyball

Instagram helped UST freshman, Madi Baker, achieve her goal of playing volleyball at the collegiate level.

In this episode of BOLD, Madi sits down with Host Isabel Garcia to talk about the benefits of using social media to reach your goals. She outlines her experience of moving from California to Texas to play volleyball at UST. Madi also mentions her faith and how it has been a constant in her life.

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How to be a Hometown Hero

Anjali Gonzalez received a full ride to UST by receiving the Hometown Hero Scholarship. The scholarship compelled her to propose a plan to solve a problem in her community. She chose to facilitate a drive to support pregnant women in need.

In this episode of BOLD, Isabel Garcia, Host, sits down with Anjali, a freshman, to discover what it takes to be a hometown hero. Anjali talks about living a life of service and how her faith inspired her to pursue Nursing.

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Lacrosse and Life Lessons

This summer Sean Sheikh, Assistant Director of Media Relations for Athletics at the University of St. Thomas - Houston, got the chance of a lifetime, to represent the Philippines in the World Lacrosse Championships!

In this episode of BOLD, Isabel Garcia, Host, sits down to talk to Sean about the winding journey that led him to the championships, how this brought him closer to God and how the entire experience was one of healing and joy.

They also talk about the history of lacrosse and the fundamentals of playing.

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Houston Lacrosse Club

2023 Men's World Lacrosse Championship

Passing Torches and Breaking Records w/ Coach Anthony Medina | BOLD

Passing Torches and Breaking Records

After setting multiple school records, when Anthony Medina graduated from the University of St. Thomas-Houston, he set out to achieve his dream of becoming a basketball coach. Now he is back at UST as the head coach leading the team to multiple victories.

In this episode of BOLD, we interviewed Coach Medina, the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) Region Coach of the Year! He talks about his own basketball experience here at UST and walks us through his journey from student to coach. Also, watch the whole video to find out who he selected to be on his UST Dream Team.

Learn more about Anthony Medina and the men's basketball team.

Coach Anthony Medina

Mentioned Calen Anderson in Episode:
The Royal Treatment w/ Calen Anderson & Kailee Mann | BOLD

Anthony Medina Guest Stars on BOLD


  1. Coach Medina is hilarious yet humble.
  2. The experience is what is important, not winning or losing.
  3. There is a lot more to basketball than Xs and Os.


  1. Reflect on a time that you had expectations but they were not met because of outside circumstances. How can you use that experience for other situations in the future?
  2. How do you use all of the different experiences that you have had in order to give you a unique perspective?
  3. When there is "background noise" how do you make sure that it doesn't interfere with the work?

A Second Chance

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Welcome to Season 4 of BOLD!

In this episode of BOLD our host, Isabel Garcia, talks to Andrew Law, a sophomore nursing student and track athlete. Law shares the story of tearing his Achilles during his senior year of high school and how Coach Jarrick Wright, University of St. Thomas' track coach, still offered him a chance to train and compete.

They talk about the excitement of being a college athlete, the redemptive nature of getting a second chance and how everything is in God's hands.

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UST School of Nursing



  1. Keep God at the center of your life amid setbacks.
  2. Recognize the moments when slowing down is an opportunity for spiritual conversion.
  3. See how people in your life have given you a chance and helped you succeed.


  1. Have you had a setback in life that has changed you?
  2. Think of a time when someone gave you a chance for redemption when many others had given up on you.
  3. How can you do the same to offer redemption/forgiveness to someone at a low point in their life - either because of their own actions or uncontrolled circumstances?

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