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Welcome to Season 4 of BOLD!

In this episode of BOLD our host, Isabel Garcia, talks to Andrew Law, a sophomore nursing student and track athlete. Law shares the story of tearing his Achilles during his senior year of high school and how Coach Jarrick Wright, University of St. Thomas' track coach, still offered him a chance to train and compete.

They talk about the excitement of being a college athlete, the redemptive nature of getting a second chance and how everything is in God's hands.

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  1. Keep God at the center of your life amid setbacks.
  2. Recognize the moments when slowing down is an opportunity for spiritual conversion.
  3. See how people in your life have given you a chance and helped you succeed.


  1. Have you had a setback in life that has changed you?
  2. Think of a time when someone gave you a chance for redemption when many others had given up on you.
  3. How can you do the same to offer redemption/forgiveness to someone at a low point in their life - either because of their own actions or uncontrolled circumstances?
About the Author — Bridget Richardson

Bridget RichardsonExecutive Producer with MAX Studios, Bridget Richardson loves to engage in conversations with just about anyone. A sports fan and homebody, Bridget enjoys spending time with her family, watching baking shows, and traveling to understand different cultures and eat delicious food.
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