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In this episode of BOLD, Ibrahim Akhtar talks about how investing is not limited to financial decisions but extends to personal relationships, education, and community, which is why he founded the UST Investment Club. As he faced obstacles in graduating, Ibrahim expanded his skill set to maximize his college experience, which fueled his passion for investments.

Ibrahim provides insight into the Bloomberg Terminal in Welder Hall, which he used to build his financial understanding.

Cameron School of Business


  1. Investing, even at an early age, is important.
  2. Obstacles lead us to an even better path.
  3. Bloomberg Terminal is a software that dives into different markets.


  1. When you face adversity how do you respond?
  2. What are some ways that you can invest in yourself?
  3. Think about a time that you faced an obstacle and what was the result.
About the Author — Bridget Richardson

Bridget RichardsonExecutive Producer with MAX Studios, Bridget Richardson loves to engage in conversations with just about anyone. A sports fan and homebody, Bridget enjoys spending time with her family, watching baking shows, and traveling to understand different cultures and eat delicious food.

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