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Excellence Over Mediocrity w/ Kyle Pietrantonio

Catholic schools have the opportunity to be the centerpiece of education, formation and Catholic culture for a community.

In this interview, Dr. Richard Ludwick, president of University of St. Thomas-Houston, sits down with Kyle Pietrantonio, Executive Director of the Duc In Altum (DIA) Schools Collaborative. They discuss DIA and its value to Catholic educators, the DIA Summit they are attending, the impact of meaningful Catholic education, and how UST and DIA will work together in the future. They also discuss how Catholic schools are called to excellence and not mediocrity.

This interview took place at the Duc In Altum Summit in October 2023 at Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. Duc In Altum Schools Collaborative, an association of Catholic schools striving for a faith-centered culture, offers an annual summit for professional development for Catholic school and diocesan leaders.

See the DIA Summit recap video by MAX Studios.

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A Bold Vision for Catholic Education w/ Kyle Pietrantonio | Napa Institute Conference Series

What does the future of Catholic Education look like? That is what Kyle Pietrantonio, Executive Director of Duc In Altum Schools Collaborative, set out to answer as he and a number of school presidents founded the DIA schools. What they crafted was a bold vision for 21st century educators, creating an extensive network of entrepreneurial and passionately Catholic educators seeking to challenge conventional thinking while striving for excellence in faith-first school communities across the country and the world.

Pietrantonio sits down with Dr. Richard Ludwick, president of the University of St. Thomas - Houston, at the 12th Annual Napa Institute Conference in Napa Valley California. They discuss the role of evangelization within an educational setting and how a school can function as a "furnace of formation" for everyone involved.

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