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Everything you post, you're talking to one person and they are listening to you on their phone when they can't sleep at 2 a.m.
So what are you going to say to them?

EPISODE ONE - Leah Darrow Explores Facebook

Leah Darrow is a Catholic speaker, author, entrepreneur and mother of six dedicated to inspiring others to become who God made them to be. She was an America’s Next Top Model Season 3 contestant and a former professional model who experienced a life-changing conversion back to the Catholic faith. With 79,000 followers on Facebook, she has built a community from the idea of simply sharing about faith and culture. She is also the founder of the Lux app, the first Catholic app for Catholic women that focuses on community, prayer, and formation.


We’ve met the influencers, we’ve heard their stories and we are so pumped to share them with you! In our upcoming project, The New Evangelization and New Media, in collaboration with Word on Fire Institute, we’ll share first-hand, practical experience on how to better use Social Media to evangelize, be your authentic self and share the love of Jesus with others.


The New Evangelization and New Media series kicks off with an amazing conversation with Leah Darrow talking about Facebook. Check out the trailer for episode 1 here.

Leah Darrow is a Catholic speaker, author, entrepreneur and mother of six dedicated to inspiring others to become who God made them to be.

Behind the Scenes w/ Leah

BTS - Deleted Scene w/ Leah: Making Rice

In this scene, Bridget and Leah talk about culture and Leah’s family. She tells a funny story about how to make Korean rice and how she celebrates her family’s culture. This scene was deleted for time from the Q&A portion of Leah's episode.

BTS - Leah's Convo w/ UST Students

This was a special moment when two of our University of St. Thomas-Houston students were able to meet speaker and author Leah Darrow for the first time. What followed was a great conversation about motherhood, having a career and some things that young women struggle with every day.

BTS - Leah After the 'Finding Her Voice' Segment

In this clip, Darnell and Leah have a great conversation following the "Finding Her Voice" segment in the episode. They discuss who gives them energy on social media and why that is important. Darnell also talks about the differences between men and women on social media. This wasn't included in the episode because of time and the audio gets weird at some points. At the end, we show a little bit of Leah's b-roll as well.

BTS - Leah's Alternate Segment of "The Breakdown

In this clip, Leah Darrow talks about how Facebook connected her with Solve Maternity Homes, a group that supports pregnant women who are homeless. This was an alternate moment for "The Breakdown" segment featured in her episode on evangelizing on Facebook (linked below).

BTS - Leah ... Bond Movie?

A funny moment behind the scenes! Leah was sitting in the chair before the scene started and our lead videographer wanted to capture the moment. Jonathan and Darnell had no idea she was there in the first place.

BTS - Leah Meeting Dr Ludwick

In this clip, University of St. Thomas-Houston President Dr. Richard Ludwick meets Leah Darrow for the first time ... or so he thinks. This is right before they go on the tour of Link Lee Mansion.

BTS - Dr. Ludwick gives Leah Darrow a Tour of Link-Lee Mansion

In this clip, Dr. Richard Ludwick, President of University of St. Thomas-Houston, takes Leah Darrow on a tour of Link-Lee Mansion, the original site of the university now restored for offices, meetings and events.

They discuss the history of the mansion, the University of St. Thomas-Houston crest and it's meaning, the icons featured and why sacred art is essential (with a special conversation about Blessed Augustus Tolton), and the genius of St. John Paul II.

BTS - Jonathan teaches Leah Twitch

While having a conversation about Twitch and how it works, Jonathan Blevins went ahead and signed Leah Darrow up for an account right then and there! We hope you enjoy this moment as much as we did.

Check out Bearded Blevins on Twitch. And follow Leah Darrow's BRAND NEW Twitch account as well. Twitch is a platform where millions of people come together live every day to chat, interact, and make their own entertainment together.

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