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“The Church needs all of us and the church needs you. So when you’re sharing things about who you are on social media, that’s significant and it’s going to reach someone.”

Episode 4 - Haley Stewart Explores Instagram

Haley Stewart is Catholic convert, a mom of four and a distiller’s wife. She’s an author, podcaster, speaker and managing editor of Word on Fire Spark, their new publishing line for children and young readers. A former homeschool mom and homesteader, Haley has shared her story widely and accumulated 17,000 followers on Instagram who enjoy her wit, humor and discussion on the Catholic faith.


We’ve met the influencers, we’ve heard their stories and we are so pumped to share them with you! In our upcoming project, The New Evangelization and New Media, in collaboration with Word on Fire Institute, we’ll share first-hand, practical experience on how to better use Social Media to evangelize, be your authentic self and share the love of Jesus with others.


In part one of The New Evangelization and New Media series, we finish up with episode 4 about Instagram. In this episode, Haley Stewart leads this masterclass in how she evangelizes on this popular social platform.

Haley Stewart is Catholic convert, a mom of four and a distiller’s wife. She’s an author, podcaster, speaker and managing editor of Word on Fire Spark, their new publishing line for children and young readers.

Behind the Scenes 

Speed Walk & Talk

In this clip, we're trying to figure out the best way to film Haley's "Finding Her Voice" segment. Although Haley's episode was the last one to publish, her segments were the first ones filmed. Kudos to Haley for sticking with us while we worked out the kinks – and laughing with us about it along the way.

American Girl Dolls

Haley is a fan of American Girl Dolls. In this clip, Bridget and Haley talk about how Bridget's oldest daughter's name is Samantha and her saint name is Felicity. Haley immediately asks if Bridget is an American Girl Doll fan and, while she is not, Kyle, our sound engineer, is! At the end, Haley shares about scoring a Kirsten American Girl Doll.

Deleted Scene: British Miniseries

In this deleted scene, Haley shares about her love of British miniseries and how she has a community of others who follow her who love them too. This scene was deleted from the "Your Assignment" segment for time.

Different Platforms

In this clip, the crew is setting up their cameras and sound, so they need Bridget and Haley to interact. Haley shares about the different content she posts of Twitter and Instagram and how she engages on each of them. This clip was right before the "Your Assignment" segment.

Getting Ready for "The Breakdown"

In this clip, you see a short walk between different sets and some set-up. Haley, Bridget and Jeff leave Link-Lee Mansion (MAX Studios is on the third floor) and go to the Carriage House (another office space being used for filming). You'll also see Darnell, Jonathan "Bearded Blevins," and the crew setting up for filming "The Breakdown" segment.

Pre-convo Chat

In this clip, you'll see Haley, Jonathan and Dr. Ludwick chatting before their filmed conversation. They discuss the Super Bowl while the crew and producers are getting set up. Then, Darnell shows some Houston hospitality. Dr. Ludwick makes the driving joke at the end because he is actually going blind.

In this behind the scenes segment, Haley, Jonathan and Dr. Ludwick discuss digital evangelization and the role of the Church. They discuss the importance of taking virtual relationships into real life and the opportunities parishes have in bridging the gap for people.

They discuss various platforms (even just playing video games) and how pointing people back to relationships and the value of the human person is timeless.

Post-conversation: "It was terrible"

After the conversation that Haley, Dr. Ludwick and Jonathan had about evangelization and social media, they finished up with this funny moment. The background you hear is Jeff Olsen. This is just a funny moment that ended the segment.

Again, the audio is a bit inconsistent here.

Haley Meets Dr. Ludwick

In this clip, you see when Haley first meets Dr. Ludwick. Also in the scene is Jeff Olsen. In the quiet moment when Dr. Ludwick is speaking, he is saying that his daughter is a big fan of Haley's and shared in their family text group that Haley had arrived on campus when Haley had posted it to her story on Instagram.

Mural Wall Convo

In this clip, we needed b-roll for the trailer and UST has an incredible graffiti mural of St. Thomas Aquinas, done by local graffiti artist GONZO247. Jonathan, Haley, Darnell and Bridget are just having a conversation about music as the crew captures the b-roll (turns out they all have very similar music tastes).

Haley Stewart
About the Author — Bridget Richardson

Bridget RichardsonExecutive Producer with MAX Studios, Bridget Richardson loves to engage in conversations with just about anyone. A sports fan and homebody, Bridget enjoys spending time with her family, watching baking shows, and traveling to understand different cultures and eat delicious food.
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