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A UST video series that aims to inspire, encourage and urge students to “Be Your Bold Self”


Filmmaking and Faith

Host Alex Yemeck sits down with guest Cimela Kidonakis ’09, a documentary filmmaker. They talk about faith, filmmaking, and how UST prepared her for the unconventional career path.

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Not Born to Hate

Alex Yemeck interviews graduate student, Brianna Amaya, ‘19. She shares about her work in producing “Not Born to Hate” a three-part video series about race and culture in America.

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Understanding our Judicial System

Guest Judge Michael Landrum ’73 talks about the judicial system and recent court cases regarding police brutality. He also touches on his re-election campaign.

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Vote with Your Conscience

Guest Dr. Stuart Squires deep dives into the limitations of a two-party system, what the separation of Church and State means, and how Catholic have a voice.

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UST Students Talk Racism

Guests Cebriaya Bell and Aerial Starks, with the UST Black Student Union, talk about George Floyd, the protests and how to address racism on a college campus.

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Live By The Spirit

Alex Yemeck talks with Campus Minister Max Linnville about encountering Christ through refugees seeking asylum, his conversion to Catholicism and shares why everyone, not just Catholics, is welcome at Campus Ministry. Expand

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The Life Changing Effects of Study Abroad

Alex Yemeck speaks with Elizabeth Luna and Caitlyn Carpenter about Freshman Year Experience Study Abroad. They share stories from their travels in Rome, seeing Pope Francis, working with refugees and how Study Abroad has changed their outlook on life. Expand

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Military to Civilian Transition

Alex Yemeck speaks with Luis Varela, a veteran of the U.S. Army, about his experience serving in the military, the lessons he learned and how he used those lessons to successfully navigate back into civilian life. Expand

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Education and Civic Duty

Alex Yemeck speaks with Judge Michael Landrum about how his liberal arts education has aided him across his career in law. Expand

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Starting a Clothing Company

UST Alumnae, Alexis Kuri and Luisa Banos talk with Darnell Miller, in for Alex Yemeck, about the challenges of starting a clothing company and how their liberal arts education prepared them for overcoming those challenges and finding success. Expand

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