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Alumnus Guides Future Student

''BOLD Podcast''

Host Isabel Garcia talks with Alumnus Jose Bolivar '14, Academics Program Manager for Houston Independent School District Emerge Program, and his former student, current UST junior and computer science major Fernando Quintero. Jose was Fernando's teacher in high school and encouraged him to apply to UST because of the benefits of a Catholic, liberal arts education. After helping Fernando receive the same scholarship Jose had while at UST, the two formed a bond that continues to allow them to strive to impact others through education and liberal arts.


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Houston Independent School District Emerge Program 

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Connecting the Dots

''BOLD Podcast''

Host Isabel Garcia talks with Mimi DeLeon about how her time at UST has helped her connect the dots between faith, service and life. A nursing student and Vice President of UST Campus Initiatives, Mimi also finds time for her jobs at Bollo Woodfired Pizza, UST Jeraback Activity and Athletic Center and as a dog walker. In all of her many jobs, she sees serving like Jesus and giving back to her community as her mission in life.

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Making the Most of College

''BOLD Podcast''

Isabel Garcia, the new host of BOLD, introduces herself in her inaugural episode. Isabel’s first interview is with Studio Arts Major Vivian Nie. Vivian is especially BOLD because she is making the most of her college experience by taking advantage of the clubs and activities that University of St. Thomas – Houston has to offer. She started Vitality Dance Project with her friends and also talks about her experience with the Fencing Club. Vivian encourages students to try new things while in college and shares what she’s learned about herself through her clubs and major.


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Just Be Yourself

''BOLD Podcast''

When Matthew McConaughey published his book, "Greenlights," UST Ed.D Alumna, Tammy Smithers, was surprised to find herself within its pages. The lesson learned: be yourself because you never know who is watching and what impact it may have on them. Guest host Bridget Richardson discusses with Tammy how, by being herself, Smithers has had a life of firsts, growth and opportunities and has chosen to make it a life of service.

Tammy Smithers graduated in May 2020 with a Doctorate of Education in Ethical Leadership and is an adjunct professor in the School of Education and Human Services at University of St. Thomas-Houston. She teaches a course on diversity/equity and leadership at UST. She is also a visiting scholar at Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute for Leadership, Equity and Justice at Rutgers University. She also joined Bridge Philanthropic Consulting, LLC as an Executive Consultant specializing in social justice, diversity, equity, inclusion/belongingness.

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UST School of Education and Human Services
UST Doctor of Education in Ethical Leadership
Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute for Leadership, Equity and Justice at Rutgers University

Whiteness and Privilege: Lifting the Veil on Systemic Racism

Bridge Philanthropic Consulting, LLC

The Weaponry of Whiteness, Entitlement, and Privilege by Tammy E. Smithers and Doug Franklin

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

PR graduate seeks scholarship for social change: University of Texas at Austin

Living a Life of Service

''BOLD Podcast''

This episode of BOLD is a little different, instead of Alex Yemeck interviewing members of the UST community, Darnell Miller, Producer, turns the tables on Alex and sits down with the host to learn about him.

Yemeck shares insights about moving from Cameroon to America, setting up a non-profit and some of the challenges of returning to school. He also shares the origin story of BOLD.

Filmmaking and Faith

''BOLD Podcast''

Alex Yemeck, host, sits down with Cimela Kidonakis ’09, a UST Alumna and documentary filmmaker to talk about faith, filmmaking, and how UST prepared her for the unconventional career path she has taken. She shares her experience of filming a documentary about the apparitions in Medjugorje, Bosnia and  Herzegovina. She also talks about her newest documentary, Where There is Darkness, about a priest who was murdered in Florida. Finally she teases a project she worked on with Gerard Butler.

Not Born to Hate

''BOLD Podcast''

In this episode of BOLD, Alex Yemeck talks to UST Alumna and graduate student, Brianna Amaya about her work in producing "Not Born to Hate" a three part video series about Race, Racism and Culture in America. Part 1 - Reconciling Race with Students will be out soon.

Amaya shares her experience growing up, the importance of education in her life and why she decided to study philosophy. Finally she shares what prompted her to pursue this important video project and what she hopes comes from it.

Understanding our Judicial System

''BOLD Podcast''

Alex Yemeck speaks with Judge Michael Landrum '73, a judge in the 164th district court, about the tension in the judicial system. Landrum explains the difference between a civil case and a criminal case, how that relates to recent court cases regarding police brutality and what steps need to be taken in order to restore a sense of trust in the judicial system across the nation. He also touches on his re-election campaign and lays out how running for a position in the judicial system differs from running for office in the executive and legislative systems.

Vote with Your Conscience

''BOLD Podcast''

Alex Yemeck sits down with Dr. Stuart Squires, Assistant Director of the Nesti Center for Faith and Culture, and asks questions prompted by his "How Catholic Should Vote" lecture where he examined the USCCB document "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship." Squires deep-dives into the limitations of a two party system, what the separation of Church and State means, and how Catholic can ban together to demand candidates who better reflect their worldview.

UST Students Talk Racism

''BOLD Podcast''

Darnell Miller, in for host Alex Yemeck, talks to Cebriaya Bell and Aerial Starks, the acting president and vice president of the Black Student Union, about George Floyd, the protests and how to address racism on a college campus.

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