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Life Lessons From Trappists Monks

Today we are talking about the religious, brothers and sisters who have devoted their life to the service of God, and how our relationships with them - understanding their unique, intimate relationship with Christ - can help us lay people better invite Christ into our own lives.

First, Darnell shares a story about Sr. Maura, a Franciscan Sister of the Eucharist, who's super power lies in a wink. He tells us how she fundamentally changed his relationship with God.

Then August Turak, author of "Business Secrets of the Trappists Monks," tells us about his own experience as a frequent monastic guest at Mepkin Abbey. He explains how the lessons he learned through their simple lifestyle have helped him become a successful entrepreneur and leader.

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Culture and the New Normal

The pandemic has been a time that has allowed people the opportunity to slow down, reflect and reevaluate their life. Russell Richard is among those people who took advantage of that opportunity and actively processed what was happening around him. Those observations have become a book, "Beyond Words: An Intersection of Philosophy, Inspiration and Poetry."

In this episode of For Such a Time as This, Larry sits down with Russell to discuss the novel. They take stock of all of the years' big moments and the changes that have come around because of them. They also ponder the cultural change that has come about because of the pandemic and ask how we move forward with a new normal, learning from all we learned.

Russell Richard

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