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Life Lessons From Trappists Monks

Today we are talking about the religious, brothers and sisters who have devoted their life to the service of God, and how our relationships with them - understanding their unique, intimate relationship with Christ - can help us lay people better invite Christ into our own lives.

First, Darnell shares a story about Sr. Maura, a Franciscan Sister of the Eucharist, who's super power lies in a wink. He tells us how she fundamentally changed his relationship with God.

Then August Turak, author of "Business Secrets of the Trappists Monks," tells us about his own experience as a frequent monastic guest at Mepkin Abbey. He explains how the lessons he learned through their simple lifestyle have helped him become a successful entrepreneur and leader.

Learn more about August Turak

Learn more about Mepkin Abbey

Mercy, Mercy Hallelujah!

Mercy! What is there to say about mercy? We all need it! And God gives it in abundance! We just need to accept it! In this episode of Protagonists of Change, we talk about mercy in our lives.

First, Darnell shares a story from college where, despite being the cause of his own problems, he is shown radical mercy and forgiveness.

Then Nicole Labadie, Director of Campus Ministry at UST Houston, speaks to an actual Pope Francis appointed Missionary of Mercy, Fr. Jim Sichko, author of “60 Minutes for Jesus.” They talk about his work as a Missionary of Mercy, travel, ministry, grace and what it means to offer mercy.

Finally, in “Who’s That Saint?” Fr. Jim does something a little different. You know at the end of the Litany of Saints in Mass when the priest says “All you holy men and women of God”? Yeah that’s who he is talking about!

Learn more about Fr. Jim Sichko. 

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Get You a Praying Momma!

A momma's prayer is a powerful prayer! In this episode of Protagonists of Change we explore the prayer of mothers, see the fruit that was bared and learn from their example.

First Darnell shares why his mother's bad storytelling might be a strength in her prayer life.

Then we speak to Jim Coleman, an actor and lead of St. Luke Productions show "Tolton: From Slave to Priest" to learn about his background as an actor and the life of Fr. Augustus Tolton, the first African-American ordained to the priesthood. We learn about the fruits of of Fr. Tolton's life and his legacy in the church today. And guess what, both Jim and Fr. Tolton have strong praying mommas!

Finally we learn about the life of St. Monica, a momma who prayed so hard it led to the conversion of one of the most important Catholic Theologians in the Church, St. Augustine of Hippo!

Learn More about St. Luke Productions:

Transformative Self-Awareness

Today we are talking about self awareness and how that is the first step in our growth, in life and in faith.

In part 1, Darnell shares how his wife helps him to live out Proverbs 27, you know the verse, as iron sharpens iron.

In part 2, we have a special interview: Bridget Richardson, a producer at MAX Studios has a follow up conversation with Leah Darrow, former supermodel turned catholic speaker, who was a guest on another of our podcasts, Agape and Eros, if you haven’t heard it check it out. They dive in deep and discuss the importance of self awareness in dating, life and faith.

Check out the episode of Agape and Eros featuring Leah Darrow here.

Rediscovering Catholic Innovation

In this special video episode of Protagonists of Change, Darnell Miller, a producer at MAX Studios, had the opportunity to sit down with Jason Shanks, President of the OSV Institute for Catholic Innovation, to talk about the Catholic Church's history of innovation. They discuss the legacy of Our Sunday Visitor, which has been published for more than 100 years and they discuss the OSV challenge, an innovation challenge and accelerator that challenges today's faithful to meet the needs of an ever-changing church.

Learn more about the OSV challenge here.

UST Named Educational Partner in Our Sunday Visitor Institute’s 2021 Catholic Innovation Challenge

Our Sunday Visitor

Jason Shanks

OSV Institute

What does the Year of St. Joseph Mean?

Pope Francis named the current Liturgical year the Year of St. Joseph! But what does that mean? Darnell sits down with Fr. Victor Perez, Pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church, to talk about St Joseph, the Year of St. Joseph and how he and his community have began to learn more about the life of St. Joseph and grow in their devotion to him. Ite Ad Joseph! Go to St. Joseph!
Episode Resources:

YouTube and Evangelization

Nicole Labadie sits down with Fr. Casey Cole, OFM, writer, YouTuber and Franciscan Friar, to talk about faith, social media and evangelization. Fr. Casey shares his story, discerning the priesthood, blogging and eventually starting a YouTube Channel as an effort to evangelize. They discuss how our faith calls us to action, empathy and love and discuss how technology allows us to encounter each other and Christ in new ways.

Fr. Casey Cole: Breaking in the Habit (Website)

Fr. Casey Cole: Breaking in the Habit (YouTube)

Podcast: If St. Francis had a YouTube channel, it might look like this. - America Magazine

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