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Where Faith and Culture Collide w/ Dr. Kevin Stuart

The crossroads of where faith and culture collide - that's where the Nesti Center for Faith and Culture goes to work.

In this conversation, Dr. Richard Ludwick, president of University of St. Thomas (UST), sits down with Dr. Kevin Stuart, Director of the UST Nesti Center for Faith & Culture. Dr. Stuart describes the Nesti Center for Faith and Culture and its impact on people in their day to day life and how they engage in the public square. He describes how the Nesti Center is looking toward the future of faith, what may come next and how we as a society can make better informed choices by listening to the Holy Spirit. A self-proclaimed "political junkie," Dr. Stuart also shares some very interesting data relating to church attendance and marriage.

At UST, Dr. Stuart is also Director of the Master of Public Policy & Administration Program, Director of Catholic Studies and Assistant Professor of Political Science

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Forever Ever

Sexual Intimacy

Finding Your Groove

Wedding Day Perspective

Forever Love: Mary-Rose and Ryan Verret

A movement starts with a movement … by the Holy Spirit. Mary-Rose and Ryan Verret saw the decline of marriages all around them and decided they wanted to do something about it. With fervent prayer and steadfast obedience, they founded Witness to Love, a marriage movement that has changed countless lives and transformed marriages around the world.

After speaking at the World Meeting of Families in Rome in 2022, they had a dream to have a summit where marriage experts from around North America could brainstorm ways to better serve couples in their marriage preparation process. With the help of thoughtful donors, like the Scanlan Foundation, their dream became a reality.

This interview is bonus content from the Marriage Catechumenate Summit that took place at Circle Lake Retreat Center near Houston, Texas in June 2023. Mary-Rose and Ryan share about Witness to Love, the impact of a catechumenate model on marriage and how this summit came to be a reality. This begins a series of interviews with Catholic marriage experts in North America who attended the Marriage Catechumenate Summit. A mini-documentary of the summit will be released at the end of the interview series.

Witness to Love

MAX Studios

Real Talk

How Two Alumni Met, Got Married and Serve Their Community

Jesse and Gloria Bounds met after college at a University of St. Thomas-Houston alumni event. From there, they hit it off and started a wonderful relationship. In this video, they share how they met, what they love about each other, the challenges of parenthood and why they choose to serve the community together.

The Bounds were honorary chairs of the 2022 Two Saints and A Taco Tasting event that raises money for student scholarships.



Two Beloved Celt Couples Serve as Honorary Chairs of 2022 Two Saints and a Taco Tasting Event Set for Fall | UST News

UST Alumni

Marriage and Dads: In Studio w/ Fr. Ken Geraci

Desiring a fruitful marriage is something many young adults yearn for in life. So how do you start planning for that - as a single college student or a young professional?

In this in studio conversation, Fr. Ken Geraci, CPM, with the Fathers of Mercy, talks with MAX Studios' Bridget Richardson and Darnell Miller about examples of God-centered marriages and how you can strive for that when you're young. Fr. Ken also encourages young men to start thinking about what kind of husband and father they want to be. He encourages single young men to embody the principles of a good man today, so they can be a well-founded husbands and fathers in the future. He also shares a meaningful story about his friend Travis caring for his wife.

Fr. Ken Geraci, CPM

Get You a Praying Momma!

Winner of a MarCom Gold Award. 


A momma's prayer is powerful! In this episode of Protagonists of Change, we explore the prayer of mothers, see the fruit that comes from those prayers and learn from their example.

First, Darnell shares why his mother's bad storytelling might be a strength in her prayer life.

Then we speak to Jim Coleman, an actor and lead of St. Luke Productions show "Tolton: From Slave to Priest" to learn about his background as an actor and the life of Fr. Augustus Tolton, the first African-American ordained to the priesthood. We learn about the fruits of of Fr. Tolton's life and his legacy in the church today. And guess what, both Jim and Fr. Tolton have strong praying mommas!

Finally we learn about the life of St. Monica, a momma who prayed so hard it led to the conversion of one of the most important Catholic Theologians in the Church, St. Augustine of Hippo!

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