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Celebrating a Diversity of Gifts w/ Deacon Charlie Echeverry | Napa Institute Conference Series

Deacon Charlie Echeverry, a deacon of the Diocese of Los Angeles, understands the beauty of embracing a diversity of gifts and expressions of those gifts in the Catholic Church. One of his goals is for others to recognize their own gifts and use them to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this episode of our Napa Institute Conference Series, Deacon Charlie sits down with Dr. Richard Ludwick, president of University of St. Thomas-Houston, at the 12th Annual Napa Institute Conference in Napa Valley California. In a wonderful dialogue, they discuss why Deacon Charlie became a deacon, how deacons are meant to create bridges, and the magnitude of recognizing the richness of cultures in the Catholic Church and how they can only enhance our mission - in liturgy and in life.

Living the CALL Podcast


The Napa Institute

What we should all know about the Growing Catholic Majority

As the demographic makeup of the country shifts, so too will that of the Catholic Church. Darnell speaks to Deacon Charlie Echeverry, a deacon of the Diocese of Los Angeles and founder of Black//Brown, a strategic advisory purpose-built program to help business leaders turn diversity into revenue. It teaches how the church can understand and respond to these shifts to maintain and grow the Church.

They discuss the challenges and opportunities within the Latino Community in the Church and talk about how we can invite and challenge young Latinos to take on leadership roles within the Church. We were able to connect with Deacon Charlie at the SENT Ventures Conference.


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